What are official testers and what does it mean if a product is closed due to testing?

Last Updated on Apr 20, 2021 18:41 pm

Our Testers have a very important job to do. They test our products for bugs and security issues that they may have. They are there to give you the best possible experience possible! So what are our Official Testers exactly? We will answer that question and other questions you might have in this article!

What are our Official Testers?

Our Offical Testers is a group of selected people that test our products for bugs and possible security issues.
They do this after each released game update and before we release a product.

What is the difference between a public test phase and a closed one?

If you see one of our products in the “Testing” state it means that it’s a public test phase.
Which means that all customers can still access the product while it’s undergoing tests. We do this if there was a game update that we are unsure of or if we got a certain number of ban reports in a short time span.

If you get the following message: “This product currently get’s tested from our professional testers and is not usable.”, it means that our product is currently not usable and that our professional testers are testing it. This only happens if a big update got released or if we are unsure of the current status. Note that we might also enable this status for unreleased- alpha or beta products.

How can I join your team of testers?

We start application phases from time to time on our discord server. So it’s absolutely worth to join it!
If you think that you would fit our team of testers you can also dm one of the admins on our discord server. Joining our team of testers also means that you can access our products at every time, also before they are getting released!

We hope that you learned something through reading this article. Also thanks for reading!

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