How do I use private builds and what are the advantages of using them?

Last Updated on Apr 20, 2021 18:58 pm

You want more security? You don’t wanna get banned ever again? Then Private Builds are just right for you!
Get Maximum Premium Security with our Private Builds!

How to use Private Builds?

It’s very easy to use Private Builds.

  1. Start the OmegaCheats Loader
  2. Select the Product you wanna use
  3. Launch the Product by pressing the “Launch” button

If a product supports our Private Builds feature, a prompt will open asking you if you wanna launch the Private- or Normal Build.
Click “Okay” and it launches the Private Build. Clicking “Cancel” will launch the Normal Build.

Launch Popup

How to find out if a product supports Private Builds?

That’s also very simple.
If a product supports Private Builds an indicator will be shown below the current status.

Private Build Indicator

What are the Advantages of Private Builds?

  • They are Secure: Private builds are made individually for each user, resulting in maximum security!
  • No bans: Only a small amount of users benefit from private builds, which makes it even more secure!
  • They are Private: Each Build is individually made for our Premium Users. For you! No user is able to access your build directly!

We hope that you learned something through reading this article. Also thanks for reading!
If you want maximum security and like these premium extras, why are you still waiting then? Get Access to Private Builds Now!

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