How to fix “ch.exe – This application could not be started”?

Last Updated on Aug 12, 2020 17:17 pm

You get the “ch.exe – This application could not be started” error, if you try to launch a product through our loader?
You don’t know how to fix it? We are there to help!

This issue usually refers to a .NET Framework issue on your computer.
To fix this issue, do the following:

  1. Download the .NET Framework Repair Tool (NetFxRepairTool.exe). The tool runs automatically when the download completes.
  2. If the .NET Framework Repair Tool recommends any additional action, such as those shown in the following figure, select Next.
  3. The .NET Framework Repair Tools displays a dialog box shown in the following figure to indicate that changes are complete. Leave the dialog box open while you to try rerun your application. This should succeed if the .NET Framework Repair Tool has identified and corrected a corrupted .NET Framework installation.
  4. If the loader runs successfully, select the Finish button. Otherwise please refer to this site for more information.

If you still have issues, please try to reinstall Windows 10. Make sure to backup all your important data!

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