GTA 5 Phantom Mod Menu


A FREE Cheat for the Game GTA 5!
Pick up this cheat and create your own GTA 5 now!
Do everything as you like it, you are the King!

This is the best FREE GTA 5 Mod Menu, only for you!

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we love them

What our customers say

2 weeks ago
(verified owner)

Very Nice!

3 weeks ago
(verified owner)

Overall amazing macro

As a buyer i would totally recommend this for these reasons 1. its undetected 2. it has a very good and user friendly interface that is easy to use 3. and the discord is amazing the owner of the discord “OmegaCheats” is an amazing guy, he responds extremely fast and he cares alot about his customers. when i first bought it i was confused and he even screenshared and used AnyDesk to help me out and after 5 mins it was working. He really goes out of his way to help people and the macro works great and i have legit looking extremely low recoil that improves your aim instantly 10/10.

1 month ago
(verified owner)

Very good macro, 100% recommend it.

1 month ago
Adolfo Toledo
(verified owner)

Best macro

2 months ago
Atheer Salim
(verified owner)

Amazing but when open it still loading at 45 min, please fix it

A FREE Cheat for the Game GTA 5!
Pick up this cheat and create your own GTA 5 now!
Do everything as you like it, you are the King!

This is the best FREE GTA 5 Mod Menu, only for you!


  • Player
    • God Mode
    • Never Wanted
    • Always Wanted
    • Rainbow Crosshair
    • No Ragdol
    • Invisible
    • No Gravity
    • Pickups, Vehicles, Objects, Illegal Objects ESP
  • Online Players
    • Teleport to
    • Remote Spawn RPG, Sniper shoots on target
    • Freeze target
  • Weapon
    • No Recoil
    • No Spread
    • Fast Reload
    • Rapidfire
    • Give all weapons
    • Give selected weapons
  • Vehicle
    • Vehicle Impulse – Boost your vehicle according to your current speed
    • Godmode
    • Show Last Used Vehicle ESP
    • Teleport near to saved position
  • Aimbot
    • Max Distance
    • Toggleable
    • Bone
      • Head
      • Neck
      • Stomach
    • Prediction
    • Ignore vehicles
    • Instant kill peds – Only works for NPC’s
    • Vehicle support
    • Silent Aimbot
  • 3D Radar
    • Name, Distance, Weapon ESP
    • Barrel – Aim laser in direction of target
    • 2D/3D Box/Fill Box
    • Skeleton
    • Head Dot
    • Healthbar
    • Wanted Level
    • Player state
  • 2D Radar
    • Healthbar
    • Size, Zoom
    • Background
    • Centering
  • Other
    • Fly
    • No Clip
    • Use Raycasting – Visible Checks for the 2D and 3D Radar
    • Draw Waypoint
    • Stress Lobby
      • Freeze everyone
      • Freeze everyone & kill loop
    • Crosshair NEW
  • GUI
    • Mouse controled GUI
    • Save & Load Settings
    • Customizable Hotkeys


Version 1.4 (15.11.2019)

  • Fixed: Aimbot target lock – Nearest target to center of screen
  • Fixed: Fly/No Clip forward direction
  • Fixed: Transparency of the begin scene sometimes made the menu and esp blink very fast
  • Fixed: Game Crash after you got killed from an online player
  • Fixed: 3D Box not working correctly
  • Fixed: Player Names Font size issue
  • Added: All options will now get saved in the settings file
  • Added: Crosshair
  • Improved: Code optimization
  • Improved: NPC’s now have different names
  • Improved: Radar is now movable like the menu

Version 1.3 (09.11.2019)

  • Fixed: No Ragdoll not working correctly
  • Fixed: Unlock Cars not working correctly
  • Added: Option to disable Information displayed on screen
  • Improved: Godmode Hotkey

Version 1.2 (02.11.2019)

  • Release


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